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Tabletop systems

Our farms in Scotland were the first to pioneer the strawberry table top system in 1991. The original structure built was made of wood, and proved to be a very successful system for many years.

However, with the sharp rise in harvesting costs, the table top system looks most attractive when top growers are achieving savings of 40% over field grown strawberry crops.

Large areas of table tops are being built, and we at Osprey offer growers several possibilities that suit the budget or the growing technique.

Osprey Tunnels have new techniques to improve the existing designs, and further reduce the operational costs:

Tabletop type A (*New 4 wire system)
Tabletop type B (Mid pole double wire system)
Tabletop Type C (Metal gutter system)
Tabletop Type D (Double row tabletop system)
Tabletop Type E (Triple row table top system)
Tabletop Type F (*New Rainbow TT system)