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25 years growing in polytunnels and consultancy


Family owned for over 25 years, Osprey are not just a tunnel manufacturer but expert growers in the industry who understand the growing industry needs. Our experience, care and dedication in building the highest quality and innovative structures whilst providing consultancy and support throughout the process has truly benefited our growers worldwide to be at the forefront of the industry.

We originally designed the first Table-tops in Scotland, and now the whole UK industry benefits from our innovations created back in 1991 on our farms.

The Kingfisher tunnel is our new version of the Multispan tunnel range and are designed to be multipurpose to be able to suit a wide range of different crop types.

The Kosy tunnel revolution was first manufactured and marketed by our team and subsequently has been a great success in the strawberry and raspberry industries.

Our new Vulcan tunnel falls under our greenhouse series. They are designed to be extra strong and are ideal for permanent sites. There is no limit to the crop uses the Vulcan can do.

Osprey tunnels have one of the largest ranges of Plastic Films & Nets in the industry. We can cater for any crop situation, and specialise in bespoke plastic types for unique crop conditions.

Osprey offer the Samson strength range that has been a hallmark of strength set in the industry.


Our farms are located in the heart of the soft fruit county of Perthshire in Scotland, Tay Valley Fruits Ltd are our growing and marketing organisation.

We are continuing to adopt and adapt our organisation and we strive to take on the challenges of the new farming and financial world that exists today.

We are renowned for the successful innovations and technologies that have had a tremendous impact on the UK fruit and general farming industry, and will continue to serve with the same determination and ability with the new and young Osprey team, for the benefit of growers worldwide.

Osprey is a highly competitive and cost-effective choice , call us with your enquiry.

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