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Eagle Solo & Extra

The Eagle solo is the smallest volume forcing tunnel in our range.

It is a very hot system and comes in a 5.5m-7m tunnel and is designed to be a lower volume air production for earliness.

This type of tunnel is not to be used as a main crop system in the majority of climates- apart from very northern cool climates.

The ventilation takes place through the sides with a circular cut out system and curtain. They have a minimal top ventilation system.

All crops and systems apart from high crops can be grown in these. Cherries and vines are not suitable.

Eagle Extra

The Eagle Extra tunnel system is an enclosed forcing system.

The Extra has relatively low air volume that allows earliness and lateness. These can also be used as a middle season cropping system. Nurserymen quite favour this type of structure.

All eagles systems can be standard or Samson class. Extras unlike solos do not have plastic dug into the ground.