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Plastics and Nets

Osprey Tunnels are world leaders in plastic film technology and innovations. Osprey team members developed some of the best plastic films that are widely used throughout the whole polytunnel and greenhouse industry. Osprey, with their partners, have one of the best laboratory and testing facilities in the world. Hence, why the range of films manufactured, are of the highest quality and durability, making many customers in the industry very satisfied.

Osprey Tunnels offer a complete and comprehensive range of plastic films that suit all situations of crop type, climate encounters, and customers targets. These briefly range from cooling requirements, crop enhancement, increased yields, to improving temperature demands, and organically producing organic crops of a superior quality.

Additionally, Osprey specialises in the use of other materials to improve the tunnel environment. Hot climates require the cooling technology that Osprey offer to achieve excellent results. From the cold climates of the deep North to the Equatorial humidity to the hot climates of the deep South, Osprey offers the plastic film system that works for these growers. Osprey is ready to fight the global challenge with the warming climate and its unstable behaviour.

Polylux– this our standard crystal clear plastic + High UV. General purpose plastic used for early/ mid/ late production particularly in more northern climates.

Thermolux– this is our crystal clear high thermic plastic. Particularly used for early production which gives higher night time temperatures reducing frost risk.

Kinglux– High diffusion. A cooling plastic which scatters the light spectrum for cooling crops and better light penetration in the tunnel. This plastic is designed for hotter periods & climates.

Superlux– high thermic high diffusion- Used for cooling at night and generally in hot climates. Not for crop forcing.

Violux– High diffusion, violet coloured plastic. Very effective cooling plastic type part in high UV situations. Only to be used on Strawberry crops.

Milkylux– high diffusion milk coloured plastic. Very effective cooling plastic type part in high UV situations. Can be used on all crops.

Osprey Netting

Offers a full range of nets for hail protection/ wind & shade.
Osprey also supply mulch/cloche & much more. Servicing the entire growing industry.


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