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Door & side Curtain systems

We have various types of door systems available:

Scotch door- low cost effective single tunnel doors easily opened and closed- most popular in undercover farming industry

Nordic door– single tunnel door system designed for high wind sites

Roll ups– single, double and triple

Single rollups are designed for solo tunnels, stag ends or multispans.

Double rollups are designed for multispan type tunnels.

Triple roll ups are used on larger projects where opening doors is an issue. These can also be motorised or special gearing available.

McLaren Doors Two metal framed swing-open doors with plastic film. This is a robust and warm door system, popular with nurserymen, cane and bush crop growers

Net doors Can be designed as simple versions. Alternatively you can use the Scotch and Roll up door system

New Suzukii Roll up door system– for protection against D.Suzukii fly

Side Curtain systems available are:

Osprey drop down– cheapest and simplest and effective system (most popular) double plastic and strong Osprey Plaz wall- Permanent plastic system. Partially seals part of the hoop. Not recommended in hot climates

Osprey D. Suzuki -A Net system to prevent insect invasion, particularly the devastating drosiphilia Suzuki fly.