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Osprey Rainsheds

The Osprey team developed this concept over 10 years ago to satisfy the requirements of cane and bush growers. We specialised and developed several types.

The main applications are covering raspberries, vines, cherries, gooseberries, redcurrants, blackberries and blueberries and more.

The Rainshed covers each individual row of crop and is connected structurally throughout the field. The Osprey Supastrength metal tube is used for strength and durability. These structures are popular where there maybe a planning consideration, as they are less obstrusive to the eye and more aesthetically pleasing than bigger tunnels.

The initial building is a little more expensive than the wide span structures but after built the maintenance and the labour involvement with venting is minimal, and is very cost effective. The rainshed create a perfect climate in the middle of the summer, and the cane and bush fruits thrive under these structures. Dutch growers are strong supporters of this system.