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Kestrel High rise tunnels

Kestrel Extra Highrise is a tunnel system well suited to crops that need high side of structure, such as cherries, table tops, cane fruits, vines- with high side requirement.

Table-top growers who wish to maximise the number of cropping rows favour this system. Cane and bush growers prefer the extra space the Highrise Tunnels give. The design is similar to the Osprey Multispan Tunnel system with the same benefits.

The Kestrel’s are useful systems for mainly cooling purposes of crops in hotter climates, they can either be metal structures with netting , plastic , outside net or a plastic house with a high level framed net over the top of the plastic house. The main advantage is they can be used for shade purposes and hail prevention. They can come in standard and Samson strengths and can be designed on the principal of the some of the other ranges.

Shade net projects have been popular using this technique in warmer climates. They are usually self-ventilating structures that require minimal labour demand and produce a very low cost covering protection system for top fruits/ vines and many others.

The tunnels size can vary between 6.5m-8.5m with easy manual ventilation and can be almost completely open similar to an outside system. After the end of the season, plastic can be rolled up and put to bed for winter to be used for next season.