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Cherry Hawks & Condor

We can offer two types of Cherryspan tunnel types: Cherry Hawks and Condor.

Cherry Hawks

Cherry Hawks are different to a standard multispan structure in that the poles of the crop are positioned within the crop and not in the alleyway. This cherry span system is gearing towards one of the most perfect cherry growing systems in our industry.

Hawks are designed as a main season cherry growing system. Evolving from the Rainshed, we have uniquely developed the Hawk into a relatively low cost, double row cherry growing system (comparable to a double row Rainshed)

This system can only be considered covering dwarf stalk cherry trees. They are fully netted from bird invasion and the full plastic range can be adopted without issue.

The Cherry Hawks have the advantage that there is no need for manual ventilation and are a low manual servicing system. The climate in this system is as close to being perfect as one would like to achieve. Additionally, there is an improved pollination environment by using these systems during and post season.

The Hawk boasts full tractor access in the alleyway for agronomic activities and they come in standard and Samson strengths.

You get an improved pollination environment by using these systems and after the season has finished, the plastic is rolled up and put to bed for winter to be used for next season.


The other tunnel type is the Condor, which is a high cherry span system for high bush production and top fruit such as apples, pears etc.

They can be used on top fruit/ high bush blues and cherries- any other height crops and can be used with nets for rain/ hail protection and cooling.